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New happenings in GNOME SysAdmin-land

The folks over at OpenGear were kind enough to give us a small 8 port serial¬†console server pretty much at cost. We’ll be using it to make sure GNOME services are up faster in the unlikely event of a hardware failure. Thanks Todd Rychecky, VP of Sales for making this happen.

Should Murphy laugh at us again, manual intervention from a redhatter should be less likely (unless a hardware replacement is needed of course). This also gives owen and crew more time to make shell rock.

Knowing these things run Linux inside and being a techie at heart, the only sensible thing to do was enable ssh and poke around.

# uname -a
Linux gnomeconsole #2 Fri Mar 18 01:51:44 EST 2011 armv4l unknown
# ps -efH
    1 root       548 S    /bin/init
    2 root         0 SW   [keventd]
    3 root         0 SWN  [ksoftirqd_CPU0]
    4 root         0 SW   [kswapd]
    5 root         0 SW   [bdflush]
    6 root         0 SW   [kupdated]
    7 root         0 SW   [cifsoplockd]
    8 root         0 SW   [mtdblockd]
   53 root         0 SWN  [jffs2_gcd_mtd1]
  212 root      1048 S    /sbin/syslogd
  214 root      1008 S    /sbin/klogd
  215 1          444 S    /bin/portmap
  220 root      1020 S    /usr/sbin/crond -S
  232 root       460 S    /bin/inetd
  233 root       444 S    /bin/flatfsd
  234 root       428 S    /sbin/lighttpd-angel -D -f /etc/config/lighttpd.conf
  235 root       984 S    /bin/alertd
  237 root      1476 S    /bin/portmanager -f
  238 root      1980 S    /bin/stunnel /etc/config/https.conf
  240 root      2464 S    /bin/sshd -r -D -o AllowUsers=* -o AllowTcpForwarding
  241 root      1012 S    /bin/shellinaboxd --localhost-only -u root -g root --
  248 root       440 S    /bin/agetty sercon 115200
  249 root      1020 S    /bin/shellinaboxd --localhost-only -u root -g root --
  260 root      2696 S    sshd: root@ttyp0
  262 root       992 S    -sh
  818 root      2760 R    sshd: root@ttyp1
  820 root       996 S    -sh
  896 root      1244 S    /sbin/lighttpd -D -f /etc/config/lighttpd.conf
  942 root      1012 R    ps -efH
# free
              total         used         free       shared      buffers
  Mem:        14148        12216         1932            0          956
 Swap:            0            0            0
Total:        14148        12216         1932
# cat /proc/cpuinfo
Processor	: Arm922Tid(wb) rev 0 (v4l)
BogoMIPS	: 83.14
Features	: swp half thumb 

Hardware	: OpenGear/CM4008
Revision	: 0000
Serial		: 0000000000000000

Behold, the screaming fast ARM server with a whopping 14Mb of RAM in all of it’s glory!

This sucker also has a pretty webui for the type of people inclined to that sort of thing.

It will still take a bit to get this along with the sweet new servers racked and ready for ¬†prime time. Until then, you can see more adoreable cat pictures here. Oh, don’t forget to subscribe to the feed or at least follow the GNOME SysAdmin Team Blog. All the cool kids are doing it.

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  1. Cool!
    However, I’d remove the word ‘awful’ as I (and I don’t think I’ll be the only one) read awful pretty webui as pretty awful webui…

  2. @TGM: Good point, updated

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